The community has founded in 2000 and in 2007 changed name with new process of building and as it seen from its name; carries the name of our city which was the first capital Otoman Empire. The performances that we had shown and also showing are all originally authentic. Been in 2 continents and visited about 10 countries. Awarded and honored so many times both in festivals and culturell affeirs. Exembles of some of the best known festivals that we attend to are; Maribor/Slovenia Incheon/ Korea Burgas/Bulgaria Burgos/Spain Soller/Mallorca Segovia/Spain Biela-Bielska/Poland Vosselaar/Belgium


The best known assembling performance of Turkish culture and traditions.Every layer of citizens know how to act it as a heritage. Its origin lays up too the beginning of the Otoman Empire.



The Performance only performed by men and without any music. The rhythm of the sound is crested from the crash of sword to shield while performing.It’s been played without loosing any figure fromits originsince 13.century.And been awardedas a “BEST PERFORMANCE” so many times.


All the instruments that we use while performing are especially chosenfrom our culture. Their originally names are; Bağlama, Klarnet, Ud,Kanun and rhythm instruments are; Darbuka, Tef, Zilli Maşa and Davul.


Women’s folk dances have been performed for about seven centuries. They usually dance for pleasure at engagements, marriages, celebrations etc. The music is played by two or three instruments (drum,clarinet and saz a string instrument). The rhythm is beaten by special wooden spoons which are hand-carved from special wood from the mountainous regions of Bursa (Keles) and they have a special desing. The women hold them in both hands and beat them rhythmically according to the music. The dancers ussually sing the songs while they dance. The national costumes are authentic. Today they are still made and worn in the mountainous regions of Bursa. The wool is spun and coloured with natural dyes extracted from plant roots and it is woven by hand. These clothes have been produced in this way for hundreds of years. A national costume consists of twelve pieces and also some accessories. Each piece has a special name. These dances have earned an international reputation. They have won many different awards from all over the world.


This performances’ origin comes from the highland region. The costume is completed with 22 pieces and their weight about 16 kgs. Can be performed by couples but the thing as it carries the name on; is performed by ladies. This dance has been awarded many many times in the category of “BEST COSTUME”.


It is also a highland region dance. The costume consists 16 pieces and 12 kgs. It can be performed both with couples and just men. This costume has been honored many many times. It is performed with the original instruments assembling Turkish culture.